Kulturøya is a long-term placemaking, open air exhibition and cultural project run by Leva Urban Design AS at Sølyst in Stavanger, Norway. Sølyst is a small island, where you can find expansive nature, several large industrial ship cranes, and a few human inhabitants. Kulturøya transforms the island through collaborative artistic action in the art program Find Your Eyes. Kulturøya is in the meantime possible to use by local, cultural organizations, through small events and happenings.

Art program: FIND YOUR EYES

Find Your Eyes is a year-long project at Sølyst curated by Monika Wuhrer and Ingeborg Kvame. Find Your Eyes will see, over the course of the year, a rotating group of, national and international, artists. Curating programming on Sølyst means embracing the elements. Taking inspiration from the nature and hidden treasures, such as the nature walks and newly planted garden on the island, Wuhrer and Ingeborg has curated a program of artists interested in collaborating with the island itself. Pieces will be scattered across the island, some discrete and some more conspicuous. While some work will be visible from boats or cars, other work will be discovered by curious hikers who listen and look carefully for interventions.